Overview of our Professional Development Courses

Fin Market Training and consulting since 1998                  

Since 1998, SFP-International Ltd has been providing financial markets training courses to graduates, market professionals, investors and top executives. We have a large portfolio of specifically designed and developed training courses for financial markets. Samples of our course syllabi can be viewed by clicking on the links on the right side bar. Our areas of expertise are asset management, capital markets, derivatives, fixed income, hedge funds, social media and trading. Since inception we have trained delegates in many locations, including London, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna and New York.  

Professional Development Courses (PDC):

Capital Markets

  • Fundamentals of Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange – 2 days, intermediate level
  • Fundamentals of Derivatives – 2 days, intermediate level
  • Corporate Finance 1- 2 days, intermediate
  • Corporate Finance 2 - 2 days, intermediate
  • Risk Management 1 - 2 days, intermediate
  • Risk Management 2 - 2 days, advanced  
  • Exotic Derivatives – 2 days, advanced
  • Trading Strategies in Fixed Income, FX and Indices – 2 days, intermediate level
Hedge Funds & Asset Allocation
  •  Fundamentals of Hedge Funds (with PerTrac) – 1 day, intermediate level
  • Analysis of Hedge Fund Styles and Strategies (with PerTrac)– 2 days, advanced
  • The Future of Risk Management in Hedge Funds (with PerTrac) – 2 days, advanced
  • Fundamentals of Investments and Asset Allocation – 2 days, intermediate level
    Marketing Courses
  • Prime Brokerage, 2 days 
  •  CDS for HF, 1-2 days 
  • Performance Measurement, 1-2 days
Soft Skills 
  • Marketing of Financial Products – 1 day
  • Social Media for Hedge Funds and Banks- 1 day

    We look forward to seeing you in one of our courses and working with you.

    Jacob H Schmidt  
    Adjunct Professor of Finance, Webster University, London Campus 
    Head of Course Faculty and Managing Director, MD of SFP-International Ltd 
    Head of Research and CEO of Schmidt Research Partners Ltd.

To book your place or for questions about any of our courses please call us on
+44-20-7723 8060 or email us at training@sfp-international.com.