For your job in the City and on Wall Street

What is jobCONNECT?

The ultimate Job Assessment, Training and Job Placement Program for jobseekers who want to improve their chances of landing a job or getting back to a top job in the international financial markets. The bad news: Because there are now less opportunities the competition for entry level and mid level positions is tougher than ever. The good news: there are always openings and opportunities for the right people.  We can help you becoming the right person.

We assess you, train you, reconfigure you, get you a temporary placement or internship and finally - without guarantee however - a job in finance.  

jobCONNECT will
  • ·         Help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in hard and soft skills
  • ·         Guide you where the most attractive job opportunities are and how to target them
  • ·         Tell you which jobs are most suitable for you
  • ·         Teach you how to prepare for the tough interviews in banks, hedge funds and finance  
  • ·         Get you an internship with a financial markets research or investment advisory firm
  • ·         Prepare you what to say and what not to say in interviews
  • ·         Help you avoid difficult questions in interviews
  • ·         Get you up to speed in mock interviews with professionals from financial markets
  • ·          Issue you with a Certificate of  Skills and a Letter of Recommendations
  • ·         Give you several leads for interviews and networking opportunities
  • ·         Place you with a job in finance


For more information please contact:

jobCONNECT at SFP-International Limited 
Jacob H Schmidt 

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